About Alfie Atkins

The Alfie Atkins books are about everything from everyday problems to life’s great mysteries. The stories are psychological mini dramas set in everyday life, often with magical elements. 

The first book was published in 1972, entitled Good
Night, Alfie Atkins. Since then more than 25 stories have been published – for children of all ages, from happy activities to philosophical musings.

The books about Alfie Atkins, or Alfons Åberg as he’s known in the original Swedish, are translated into 40 languages. In Sweden alone, roughly five million books have been printed, and new editions are released all the time. Alfie also features in animated TV-series, a feature film, audio books, theatre shows and a musical. In Scandinavia, Alfie’s established as a classic for many years.

TV & Shows

Starting in the late 1970s, a cartoon series was produced containing adaptations of the books. The main director was Per Åhlin and the musical score was composed by Georg Riedel.

The first animated film about Alfie premiered in 2013, followed by a new TV-series the year after. Both, the film and the TV-series were produced by Maipo Film and Nordic Film in cooperation with the Nordic TV channels.

In 2022 the Book-Films premiered, a new style, directed by Tomas Alfredson with Jonas Karlsson as narrator.

Alfie Atkins book film

Theater plays, musicals & exhibits

Alfie Atkins continues to be seen in theaters, musicals, and exhibits throughout the world.

The first theater production, Heja Alfons Åberg, was premiered by Riksteatern (Sweden) as early as 1979. Since then, others including Danish Comedievognen, Boulevardteatern, and Oslo Nye Teater have performed several productions. Even theaters in Finland, Germany, and Iceland have had performances of Alfie Atkins.

The books about Alfie

1972   Good Night, Alfie Atkins
1973   Very Tricky, Alfie Atkins
1975   Hurry Up, Alfie Atkins!
Alfie Atkins and Secret Malcolm
1976   Who’ll Save Alfie Atkins?
1977   Very Crafty Alfie Atkins!
1978   Alfie and the Monster (GB)
1978   Is That a Monster, Alfie Atkins? (US)
1981   Are You Chicken, Alfie Atkins
1982   What’s Alfie up to Now?
1983   Who’s Scaring Alfie Atkins?
1984   Happy Alfie Atkins
1985   You Have a Girlfriend, Alfie Atkins?
1986   A Party, Alfie Atkins!
1987   Hocus-Pocus, Alfie Atkins!
1988   Just Tie It, Alfie Atkins!
1989   What did Mr. Atkins Say?
1991   There Goes Alfie the Thief!
1992   More Monsters, Alfie!
1993   Three Cheers for Alfie’s Daddy!
1994   ”Not Likely!” Said Alfie Atkins
1997   “Fly With Me,” Said Alfie Atkins
1998   Invisible with Alfie
2002   How Far Does Alfie Reach?
2006   Alfie and the Soldier Daddy
2010   Alfie Atkins with the Magic Sack
2012   The Last to Laugh! Said, Alfie’s Dad

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