Artistic interpretations and contributions to the world of Alfie Atkins are celebrated!

Published: May 22nd 2023

Today at Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre in Gothenburg, the individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to bringing Gunilla Bergström’s works to life will be awarded an Alfie Atkins gold coin. The coin is exclusive and has been produced in a limited collector’s edition by Mynthuset Sverige, featuring motifs from the very first story, “Good Night, Alfie Atkins.”

Gunilla Bergström’s stories about Alfie Atkins have become a cultural treasure with 26 titles, translated into over 40 languages and read by generations.

“For Gunilla, creation was the greatest joy in life,” says Sofia Torell, Gunilla Bergström’s niece and a board member of Bok-Makaren, which manages the rights to the works. Gunilla knew exactly how she wanted it. She captured the big questions as well as the everyday ones and made no distinction between imagination and reality.

Gunilla created one of Sweden’s most beloved children’s book characters, a cultural treasure that has been brought to life, extended, and deepened through the artistic interpretations and efforts of several individuals. “With this ceremony, we want to particularly honor these individuals,” continues Sofia Torell.

The ceremony is organized by Bok-Makaren, and the coins will be presented by Chairman of the Board, Michael Treschow.

Alfie Atkins gold coins are awarded to:

Ann-Margret Bergström; for sculptures that embody Alfies’ playfulness, mischief, and inventiveness.
Annika Gunnarsson; for elevating the distinctive characteristics of Alfies’ illustrations, both visible and invisible.
Björn Gustafson; for giving a voice to the trust on which the Alfies works rest.
Georg Riedel; for melodies that bring life to the “unvarnished exuberance” of Alfies’ stories.
Jan Hellman; for reliably handling all the “tedious things” so Gunilla had time for her creation.
Jonas Karlsson; for deepening Alfies’ everyday simplicity and quiet pace with integrity and courage.
Sofia Hahr; for bringing forth Gunilla’s creations with humility and care.
Tomas Alfredson; for extending the boundary between imagination and reality in the book series.
Tor Svae; for bringing Alfies’ home to life with playfulness and imagination.

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Alfie Atkins gold coin receivers

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