Helsinki Book Fair 2023

Published: October 30th 2023

This year visitors at the annual Helsinki Book Fair could come enjoy Gunilla Bergströms beloved books about Mikko Mallikas. Children and their parents could show their artistic side in our collage- and drawing area and check out our selection of Mikko Mallikas merchandise.
The Swedish Alfons Åberg books were available for purchase through Förlaget’s stand.

Gunilla Bergströms niece, Sofia Torell, participated in a seminar about Imagination and power in children’s literature.
It was a conversation about the infinite source of imagination and the importance of opening the door to children’s imagination through children’s books. In Gunilla Bergström’s stories about Alfie Atkins, fantasy is woven together with everyday life and reality. How can imagination be linked to power and can it be a counterweight to abuse of power?
Participants: Sofia Torell, Sanna Sofia Vuori.
Moderator: Yukiko Duke

On the Saturday, children and their parents had the opportunity to enjoy Teater Kojans “Mikko Mallikas ja syntymäpäiväkutsut”.

Thank you for this year, Helsinki Book Fair!

Mikko Mallikas
Seminar at Helsinki Book-Fair
Mikko Mallikas books
Yukiko De, Sofia Torell, Sanna Sofia Vuori
Mikko Mallikas T-shirts
Teater Kojan performing their Mikko Mallikas play "Mikko Mallikas ja syntymäpäiväkutsut" at Helsinki Book Fair

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