Lille Lulu Lykkepot in Denmark

Published: May 31st 2024

After a heartwarming segment in the DR documentary ‘Anders Agger Indefra: Syg Ungdom’ where Gunilla Bergström’s beloved book about Bill & Bunny (Lille Lulu Lykkepot) was highlighted, the demand for the book is now high in Denmark.

Just a few hours after the program aired, the first reservation came in at the libraries. In Copenhagen alone, there are currently over 1,000 people on the waiting list to borrow the book.

We are therefore pleased to announce that our Danish publisher Gyldendal will ensure that libraries and bookstores in Denmark will receive the books shortly.

In 2020, Gunilla Bergström received the “Glada Hudik-teaterns Supporterklubb’s pris, Hederskramen till Bosse Östlins minne” for the Bill & Bunny books. She began her thank you letter by writing “– What a wonderful surprise to receive a Honorary Hug! I have made many books, mostly about Alfie Atkins, but the Bolla book is my life’s dearest and much, much more important than the old regular Alfie.

Watch the segment here:

Brief facts about the books:

The Bill & Bunny books were first published in Sweden in 1978 and have been translated into 7 languages, including Japanese and French.

In 1979, Gunilla Bergström was awarded the Elsa Beskow plaque for the first book in the series.

In 1981, the first Bill and Bunny theater play was performed.

In 1984, the animated film “Bill and the Secret Bunny” premiered in Sweden, directed by Per Åhlin and with music by Georg Riedel.

In 2007, Rabén & Sjögren published a new edition of the book in Sweden.

In 2017, the film was digitally restored by the Swedish Film Institute and had a new premiere. The film is still shown today in various theaters around Sweden.

In 2023, Cappelen Damm published a new edition of the book in Norway.

Lille Lulu Lykkepot

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