Three cheers for Alfie Atkins!

Three cheers for Alfie Atkins!

This year we celebrate 50 years with our friend Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins), Gunilla Bergström’s beloved children’s book character.

Published: Feb 08, 2022 

The very first book, God natt, Alfons Åberg (Good night, Alfie Atkins) was published in 1972 by Rabén & Sjögren.
Over the years, the books about Alfie’s everyday universe and the whims of life have attracted millions of readers and many who grew up with him experience the stories again, together with their children and grandchildren. Alfie is not a superhero or a cute fairy tale character, he is quite ordinary. Like us. And maybe that is why he has become our friend.

Friendship can be easy and unquestionable but also complicated and difficult. The stories about Alfie and his friends are about mischief and invention, play and imagination, about being there for each other, standing up against prejudices and group pressure, but also about quarrels, about becoming enemies and getting along again. At the same time, the stories are about what it is like to be without a friend. And about secret friends!

We celebrate friendship in the spirit of Alfie!

Together with the children’s rights organization Friends, we want to create a world without bullying. With Alfie’s friendship box, we work for a safer preschool, where all children get to take their place. Together with Friends, children and teachers, we celebrate The Friendship Day on the third Thursday in October every year! Friendship is not to be taken for granted. But it is a skill that can be practiced. Everyone who wants to join and celebrate The Friendship Day can take part in free and fun material on how to practice and work with friendships. And last but not least, this year’s Friendship calendar from Friends will have Alfie and his friends as its theme!

We celebrate with Book-Films!

We start the celebration with Book-Films, a new  directed by Tomas Alfredson and narrated by Jonas Karlsson. First out was Aja baja, Alfons Åberg which premiered in the cinema January 21st.

There will also be other festivities: exhibitions, theater performances and much more!

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